I learned to crochet in the winter of 2006. While kinda cool, I wasn’t “hooked” as many are, though I had a pleasant enough time making a few scarves. So when, a few months later, my friend asked if I wanted to join her at a “Spinsters” meeting where people spin yarn, my thought was….sure I’ll go, but sounds kind of boring.


That day I learned the basics of how to spin: the process of drafting fibers prior to spinning, how to hold and spin a drop spindle, and how much twist is too much. 

Though the full force of my fiber addiction didn’t kick in at the time, I continued to be intrigued by these women who made such beautiful yarn. I eventually acquired my Louet S51 Double Treadle spinning wheel from a friend, complete with Lazy Kate and five – yes FIVE! – bobbins, and that’s when I started to get more serious about spinning.


Having never had any formal training for spinning yarn, I have picked up knowledge from the internet through YouTube searches and networking on Facebook and Ravelry with other fiber artists. Through my own desire to learn how to spin beautiful yarns like I saw others creating, I have discovered a multitude of resources that have propelled me to be the adventurous spinner that I am. When I see someone use a new technique, I use those resources to get the step-by-step details on how to create similar yarn. The more I spin, the more willing I am to try new techniques! Though self-taught, my spinning skills snagged me a First Place Blue Ribbon at the 2014 MOPACA Alpaca Invitational Yarn Competition in the blended fiber, traditional yarn category, scoring 95 out of 100 points.


My goal is to create visually stunning yarns and spinning fibers for my customers to enjoy for years to come. While I am able to take custom orders for dyeing and spinning, the process is usually rather serendipitous for me and often results in one-of-a-kind colorways and yarns. I am, however, able to recreate many of the yarns I have spun, so if you see something you like that isn’t in my shop just let me know and I will work to create the yarn of your dreams!